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July 2007

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Ok, ski trip was wicked fun, I am bruised...I am sore but....I can SNOWBOARD!!!

Ok....stack story time....my top 5.....

5. This one was not really spectacular in itself, but it was made memorable by the little Team Hotham milo kid (OMG the milo kids are amazing...little 5 year olds zooming down the mountain in sync- and team hotham? they were like the elite milo kids) who saw me slip on the ice walking out of the cabin (not the only person to do that BTW) and stoped..pointed a me....went 'haha'...and continued on his way. Aw...freaking kid.

4. Well, there is a stoy behind this you see....first of all...me andChris kept running into eachoter during the lessons...and I kept bumping into this one randomn ALL week l(ike not full on...he'd just be in my way at the bottom and id have to skid and hit his board) but one day...Chris ran into me and then we BOTH ran into the random.

3.  This was on the first day and this skier was just getting up, there was none else on the slope.....I somehow manage to end ep skidd and falling over to try and stop...but end u taking out helegs and then! Spinning around and htting her on the head wth the board. Oh yes..that takes skill.

2.  Well...Emily tells the story better...she says that she was watching and thinking....wow...look at that reallly good snow boarder! and then Doof...doof. dooff...DOOOF.!11 ow!!!. "OH ITS Sam. Oh...yes I fliped it...did about two turns in the air and the rolled halfway down the mountain.  

1.....I'd rather not say.

But surprisingly...I was not that bad...got pickedto goover to the hard slopes at the end of the week.


Happy Birthday!