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July 2007



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Mar. 3rd, 2007

Because Webblet is a Nagger...

I'm posting! 

Ok so whats going on in my life...well..theres school...football...homework...leading...and sleeping( but only occaisionally. 

Ummm...my formal uniform shoes gave me blisters...and I had to run the touch line fortwo games to do on friday...owies!...though not as much ow as Dale...he got like knocked out on Friday playing footy....and my comforting words as they wheeled him into the FREAKING AMBULANCE?! "You'll be right!" (Everyone- *stares* Me= *shrug*) 

I am so bad at dealing with injuries...last week this kid came up to me during the game and he was like.. hyperventilating and his finger was..totally munted..and he's "Miss! Miss I've broken my finger what I do?" and I was..."I don't know!" 

It must have been only disloacted because he was PLAYING 5 MINUTEs LATER!!! These football players are mad..and stupid. Although...I must be twice as bad seeing as I referee them. 

We had QCS ractice on Wednesday..I'm so freaked out about this year. 

I'ts our last yea of highschool...no more sitting in Maths class trying to stop Bree from licking things (glitter glue, hairgell etc) no more hackey Sack, NO MORE DRAMA CLASS! 

It makes me a very sad panda...and a worried one..and an exited one. 

I don't want this year to end.

Feb. 21st, 2007

So Lazy

Ok..I am officially the worst Journal keeper in the history of the universe including that one guy in Kansas.

In other news-

NOOOOOOO!!!!! Nick is turning Avatar into a live action movie! And it gets worse! 

M Night Shamylan is directing!

Dun dun duh!

Feb. 7th, 2007

Vice Captain

O...M....G I am vice school captain

I got it! I got vice! I am so excited right now although, I am mildly concerned...

You see throughout my schooling career I have seen myself as 'the smart one', and so thought that anythng I recieved I'd get it because I was respected for my academic achievements, but looking around at my 5 fellow captains and vice captains I realised this-

Mark (School Captain) : Is the smart one (Junior Dux, top of every class etc)
Goldie (School Captain) : Is the nice one, who everybody wants to be friends with (and who is friends with everyone)
Jacob (vice) : The star performer
Steph (vice): The pretty, charming one
Shari (vice): The casually cool and sporty one

and me..where did that leave me?

Tasha walking past: Go Sammie! I voted for you! You cracked me up during your speech!

I'm the funny one! The chatty one who's supposed to do the silly things and leave the serious stuff to the organised, hard working people. I was...not upset...more disconcerted really, but now I realise...
I get to leave the serious stuff to everyone else!


Jan. 17th, 2007

(no subject)

Ok! I have had the crappiest day!

Heres why!- The family busines books, which will not balance, I went over it for an hour and I cannot find  that fucking 80 cents! So bite me books!

Its soooo hot!!!!

NCIS wasn't on last night.

Apparently I'm growing, cos my legs are hurting like I'm about to have a growth spurt. OW

I'm going to Jenna's

Jan. 16th, 2007

Ok, this one I'm gonna keep!

Ok, so I don't have the best track record when keeping thse things, but I swear that this time I will! I've done a lot of thinking over the holidays and I am definately going to keep this one...

I swear, anyway, behind the cut is an article for english I did a while back on fandom. I just found it recently.

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